Save The Racquet Club

There will be 3 public hearings on the rezoning and building of condos on the racquet club site.

  1. North Tustin Advisory Committee (NTAC)
  2. OC Planning Commission (OCPC)
  3. OC Board of Supervisors

Both NTAC and OCPC will vote on whether the project should go forward. These votes are advisory to the Board of Supervisors. The vote by the Board of Supervisors is the vote that makes the decision on whether the project goes forward or not.

The NTAC meeting will be virtual next Wednesday, 8-19-2020. The format is (1) the developer presents his project to replace the racquet club with condos, (2) comments from the public will be heard, (3) NTAC members will ask questions of the developer, and (4) the NTAC members will discuss and then vote on whether to recommend or not recommend the project to the Board of Supervisors. The NTAC Chair could reverse (2) and (3).

You can participate using a computing device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone) with an Internet connection or by using a touch tone telephone. The computing devices have the advantage that you will be able to see the developer’s presentation. If you use a desktop computer and want to participate in public comment, the computer needs to have a microphone. Most laptops, tablets, and smart phones have a microphone and a speaker, so these might be the better choice.

Meeting Agenda and Login Instructions (document opens in new tab)

To join with a phone: Audio Conference information: (415) 655-0001
Use Access code: 133 120 0436

Note that you can login for the meeting at 1pm and the meeting starts at 1:30. Since most people have not used this county conferencing system before, logging in at 1pm is highly recommended.

Steering Committee member Lori Chew put together an excellent email about the NTAC meeting and background information.

Lori Email (opens in new tab)    

FCA Page On Racquet Club (opens in new tab)

County Planning Documents for Project (opens in new tab)

I hope you can take time to participate on next Wednesday and help stop this project that the community does not want.

Rick Nelson