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Petition Opposing Liberalizing Parking of RVs

Existing County of Orange law allows RV parking and storage on residential properties in only two alternate situations: (1) the RVs are completely enclosed within a building and are not visible from the street or surrounding properties; or (2) the RVs are located behind the front and side set-back areas of the property and are at least partially screened from view by a fence or wall.

The County of Orange is preparing to propose allowing RVs to be parked anywhere on a driveway. This may have residents looking at RVs parked in front of homes and not seeing homes, generating a very different appearance to our neighborhoods. The cities around North Tustin do not allow this more liberal parking of RVs. This may make North Tustin a dumping ground for RVs in central Orange County.

I, the signer of this petition, am opposed to allowing RVs to be parked anywhere on a driveway. Such a change in law will change the appearance of our community.