Required Disclosure for Home Sale

It’s the Law

 Your California legislature enacted a bill, AB 38, mandating fire safety inspections as part of the sale of some homes. It established California Civil Code Section 1102.19 which is effective now.  The Section requires a seller of real property located in a High or Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone in certain Orange County areas to supply the buyer with certain documentation in escrow.

What are its terms?

If you sell a property in the specified locations, you must provide the buyer with documentation stating the property is in compliance with the requirements of certain codes (PRC 4291 or Government Code 51182).

If documentation demonstrating compliance can’t be obtained by the close of escrow, you can produce a written agreement showing that the buyer agrees to obtain documentation of compliance within one year of the close of escrow.

Determine if your property requires inspection  

The affected areas of North Tustin are in the northeast portion of our community and includes parts of Cowan Heights, Lemon Heights, Rocking Horse Ridge, and the development under development across Newport Avenue from Rocking Horse Ridge. Following is a map showing the affected area. For reference, the “CO” part of the Cowan Heights label is just below Newport Avenue. The bold black line is part of the northern boundary of North Tustin.

You can get more detail on the pink are from a map on the OCFA website

OCFA has a FAQ page on AB 38 (

Working for you 

Your North Tustin Fire Safety Council is working to bring you practical and legislative information about hardening your home against fire risks.

FCA’s North Tustin Fire Safe Committee meets via Zoom once every month. You are welcome to visit and/or participate. Contact Rick Nelson at

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