FCA Annual Meeting 2021

This year’s meeting will be held on Monday, March 1, 2021 as a Zoom meeting. Practice Zoom sessions are planned for individuals not familiar with Zoom.  More information  will be posted here as we get closer to the meeting date. Speakers will be Ruby Yepez from Southern California Edison and our County Supervisor, Don Wagner.

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Opening Speaker – Ruby Yepez (Bio)

Senior Advisor for Key Accounts – SCE

Keynote Speaker – Don Wagner (Bio)

Orange County Supervisor

The FCA Annual Meeting will report what’s happening in North Tustin and County government. After the two talks, there will be a Q&A with the two speakers. You can send questions to Susan Dobak ( susandobak@att.net ). The cutoff date for emailing questions is February 27, 2021. Submitted questions will be read to the speakers during the Q&A. Questions can also be submitted during the meeting using the chat feature in Zoom. Question submitted by Chat will be read after the questions submitted by email.  Some possible questions:

For Ruby Yepez

Who is notified of planned power shutoffs (PSPS)?

How are decisions made for PSPS?

What is the procedure to install solar power?

What is “Time of Use” billing? We are all slated to get it.

Does SCE have projects planned for the North Tustin area?

For Don Wagner

When will group 1a finish covid vacinations?

When will everyone in OC receive the vacinations?

Are infrastructure projects planned for OC?

What is the policy for parking RVs on driveways?

Any plans for dealing with homelessness?

Zoom log-on information for the Annual Meeting will be sent via the North Tustin Update email on February 27, 2021. There will be no general public distribution of the login credentials to avoid hackers.

Practice zoom sessions will be scheduled for people who are not Zoom users. Email Susan Dobak ( susandobak@att.net ) if you would like to schedule a Zoom practice session.