FCA Annual Meeting 2022

The meeting was held on Tuesday, July 19, 2022 at

Trinity Presbyterian Church.


The Annual and Town Hall Meeting of the Foothill Communities Association is open to the public, and everyone is welcome.


  • Welcoming – Richard Nelson, FCA President
  • Racquet Club Update – Jill Wallace, FCA “Save The Racquet Club Committee”
  • Opening Presentation – Don Barnes, Orange County Sheriff
  • Keynote Presentation – Don Wagner, Orange County Third District Supervisor
  • Q&A with speakers – Questions were asked of the speakers and county agencies.

For 58 years, FCA has strived to preserve our unique and highly valued living environment. We work extremely hard to resolve community issues for our members. Your membership demonstrates your commitment to these objectives. Member dues are due January 1 of each year. For continuing members, renewal is only $25 ($20 for seniors 65 and over). For new members, the first year is free, and Lifetime Membership is $300. An FCA membership is a low-cost investment in our community and helps to ensure our quality of life. If you have not mailed your 2022 membership dues, you can join or renew on the website.

Three videos follow below. The first is presentations by Richard Nelson, Jill Wallace, Sherrif Don Barnes, and Supervisor Don Wagner. When more time is available, the video will be broken into smaller increments.

Door Prizes

Don Wagner, MC

Q&A Panel