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Annual Meeting Postponed

The FCA Annual Meeting is being postponed. We would like to hold an in-person meeting but cannot right now because of Covid-19. A post will be used here and an email sent to inform the community when the meeting will be and whether it will be in-person or via Zoom.

First Racquet Club Hearing

3rd District Special Election 2019

FCA 2020 Annual Meeting Summary

FCA 2020 Annual Meeting Announcement

2020 Annual and Town Hall Meeting

          When:       Monday, March 2, 6:30 PM

      Where:      Trinity Presbyterian Church

                               (Corner 17th and Prospect)

Attend the FCA Annual Meeting with your neighbors to learn what the all-volunteer FCA has been doing for you, and to learn from County Agencies what their plans are for North Tustin.

A half-hour informal discussion begins at 6:30 pm with FCA committees and Orange County agencies—many will have tables and handout materials. Presentations will begin at 7 pm. Presentations include:

  • Welcoming – Richard Nelson, FCA President
  • Opening Presentation – Sheriff Don Barnes
  • Keynote Presentation – Supervisor Don Wagner

 After the formal presentations, County Agencies will assembly onstage for a Q&A with the audience. Find out about:

  • Has the Racquet Club been sold?
  • Do we have enough parking? How many Sheriff patrol cars are in North Tustin?
  • What is the status of newly regulated contaminants in municipal water?
  • What is the forecast for water prices?
  • Can my neighbor build a 3-story house?
  • Are we still sweeping the streets?
  • What are the rules for home-based businesses?
  • How do I report a code violation? 
  • When will Panorama Heights be transferred to Tustin Unified School District?

This is the 57th annual meeting of the all-volunteer Foothill Communities Association. The FCA is the only organization that supports North Tustin. We have no city council. The principal decision makers are five supervisors who do not live here. Only FCA turns problems into solutions for our residents.

At the meeting you can renew membership for $25 ($20 for seniors). For new members, the first year is free, and Lifetime Membership is $300. You can also vote for FCA Board Directors. All memberships expire at the end of the calendar year.

Email questions to Richard Nelson


Candidates Forum

FCA organized a forum for candidates running in the March 2019 special election for Supervisor of District 3. The forum opened with a two minute statement by each candidate, followed by one hour of Q&A, followed by a closing one minute statement by each candidate. Over 300 people attended. 

FCA Annual Meeting 2019

         When:       Monday, March 4, 6:30 PM

                                      Where:      Trinity Presbyterian Church

                                                          (Corner 17th and Prospect)

The Annual and Town Hall Meeting of the Foothill Communities Association is open to the public, and everyone is welcome. Note that we have a different venue – the Fellowship Hall at Trinity Presbyterian Church at the intersection of 17th St and Prospect Ave. All speakers and local agencies will participate in the Q&A. So have your questions ready.

Starting at 6:30 pm will allow a half hour for informal discussions with FCA committees and with OC agencies—many will have tables and handout materials. Presentations will begin at 7 pm.

For 55 years, FCA has strived to preserve our unique and highly valued living environment. Last year we continued our efforts to protect and enhance our community. We work very hard to resolve community issues for our members. Your membership demonstrates your commitment to these objectives. Member dues are due January 1 of each year. For continuing members, renewal is only $25 ($20 for seniors 65 and over). For new members, the first year is free, and Lifetime Membership is $300. An FCA membership is a low-cost investment in our community and helps to insure our quality of life. If you have not mailed your 2019 membership dues, please complete the membership form in this Bulletin and mail with your check today or fill out the form at www.FCAhome.org. Now is the time to join or renew! FCA memberships, except for Lifetime members, all expire on December 31 of every year

Attendees can join or renew membership and vote for FCA Directors at the Annual Meeting.