Tustin Area Man of the Year

Richard (Rick) Nelson was elected Tustin Area Man of the Year in 2021 and Pat Machado was elected Tustin Area Woman of the year. A wonderful recognition dinner celebrated the event on June 4, 2021. Chris Uribe planned the dinner and venue decorations and both were spectacular. Tony Wong introduced the 6 nominees before the announcement of the two selectees. Tony’s introductions were accurate, and typical of Tony, filled with enyoyable humor.

Rick thanked the past awardees for his election, very briefly described his efforts to support our community since the 1970s, provided a few highlights of his 30 years in special project activities, and thanked those present for their support to our wonderful community.

Seated: Rick Nelson & Pat Machado, Man & Woman of the Year.
Standing: Previous Men and Women of the year.

Don Wagner, Orange County Supervisor, was very complimentary regarding the 3 decades he and Rick have known each other

Orange County District Attorney, Todd Spitzer, thanked Rick for resolving many community issues as president of FCA and for being helpful to him.

Dr. Richard Nelson thanked the organization for this honor and thanked the attendees for their support of our very special community.

Eligia Nicolai. Note the dramatic tables in the background. Thank you Chris Uribe.

Band for entertainment and dancing after dinner and the presentations for awardees.

Katrina and Tony Wong dancing after dinner. What a wonderful couple.