Tustin Hills Racquet Club For Sale

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Mr. Charles Pate, the owner of the Tustin Hills Racquet Club (Club), located at 11782 Simon Ranch Road, is exploring selling the land where the Club resides to a developer, Mr. Peter Zehnder of Ranch Hills Partners.

The Club was established in 1958 and has been an asset to the community for 60 years. North Tustin is a unique and coveted community and maintaining this important recreational and social space is critical not only to residents but also to preserving property values throughout North Tustin.  North Tustin residents along with the Foothill Communities Association (FCA) do not want higher density housing built. Rick Nelson, FCA President, and Rene Brace, Land Use Chair, met with Mr. Zehnder about 2 years ago and told him that FCA would vigorously oppose high density housing on the club site after he explained that was his intent.

In speaking with residents around the club, their first priority is to ensure any such purchaser continues to operate the Club according to the covenant. Therefore that is the goal of the FCA. If this turns out to not be feasible, FCA will examine alternative uses that meet the desire of the residents. But, FCA will vigorously oppose high density housing.

Please contact FCA President Rick Nelson (rnelson@FCAhome.org) or Lori Chew (lorichew98@gmail.com  714-292-9291) with any questions regarding the existing covenant, to learn more about our efforts, or to volunteer to help in this effort. The FCA will continue to be a valuable resource by providing information and opportunities for involvement and support as it remains committed to opposing any zone or use change for this site.  We would also like to hear from concerned residents who may have constructive ideas for preserving the existing tennis club facility without additional housing development.

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