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RV parking pro and con

N. Tustin Notes:

RV parking Pro and con

By Scott Logue

The Foothill Communities Association (FCA) is aware of a proposed clarification by the County of Orange to its existing nuisance ordinance regarding recreational vehicle (RV) parking on residential properties. The change proposed by the county involves adding the three words, “or recreation vehicle” to its existing ordinance such that, “… a vehicle ‘or recreation vehicle’ may be stored or parked on a paved driveway connecting a garage or carport with a public or private street.”

Under the proposed amendment, an unlimited number of RVs of any size could be parked or stored in driveways for an unlimited period of time. Such RVs could be fully visible from the street or neighboring residences without any screening (i.e., fencing or landscaping), and without any restrictions as to how close to the abutting street the RVs could be parked or stored.

Poll positions
A recent FCA poll in North Tustin shows equal support on either side of the issue, with half of those responding in favor of no RV parking restrictions, and the other half supporting limits on the number of days RVs can be parked at a residence. Similar results were reported for a second poll on the storage of RVs, with half of respondents supporting no restrictions on RV storage on residential properties, while the other half supported some restrictions, such as the use of a fence, wall or landscaping as a screen, parking the RV on a paved surface and parked behind the front setback area.

The laws in the cities surrounding North Tustin, e.g., Orange, Tustin and Villa Park, all expressly prohibit the parking or storage of RVs in this manner. RVs must be parked or stored behind the residence building line, and must be screened.

However, unlike the incorporated cities surrounding North Tustin, the greater part of unincorporated Orange County is unique in its lot sizes and maintains a much more rural atmosphere, with far fewer regulatory restrictions. 

The county’s more country
Many of the comments from the poll expressed a disinterest in HOAs and cited the absence of such regulatory bodies as the very reason why unincorporated Orange County is such an attractive location to live. Other comments, in equal measure, were concerned about oversized or impaired RVs interminably parked on driveways, while limiting other homeowners’ abilities to park in their own garage or driveway, thus increasing street parking, and the subsequent effects those conditions could have on neighborhood property values.

The proposed amendment is currently before the Orange County Planning Commission and will soon go before the Orange County Board of Supervisors. Please contact the FCA at to share your concerns about this amendment, and visit the website for updates.