Claremont Explains to Judge Why GSW Must Go

Claremont Supply Battle Heads to Court

The Tustin News – North Tustin looks to oust water provider by Reporter Brooke Staggs
Here is what LA Times  says about GSW.

Support Survey to Remove GSW
Two mailings of a survey to ascertain interest in changing water companies have been completed. Less than half of households returned the survey. While this is probably a sufficient result to continue with the effort, it may not be convincing to decision makers in the other local water providers and County government that our community really wants to do this. Below is an opportunity to submit the survey electronically, if you did not respond to the mailed survey. If you already responded to the survey or you are not a Golden State Water customer, please do not complete the form below. Invalid submissions will be deleted.

The cost of water from private Golden State Water is a Rip Off when compared to what local public water agencies charge.

There are some 2600 of us in our community who have no say in the unfair cost of this water.

We believe that water is a necessity of life and should be sold at the lowest possible cost, not the highest cost possible.
Therefore the FCA needs your support for us to move forward on behalf of the community, to change to a less expensive local public water agency.

Please answer the following:

1. Do you support the Foothill Communities Association in its efforts to obtain a local public water agency for our community? Put an “Y” or “N”in the box

2. If yes, how many registered voters in your family would support this effort. Enter the number in the box

3. It is expected that the cost of eliminating Golden State Water will be significantly less than continuing to pay Golden State’s high water costs, especially as they continue seeking to raise our water rates year after year.

If so:
By a separate ballot at a later date, would you be likely to authorize the bonds necessary to permanently remove Golden State Water from our community? Enter “Y” or “N” in the box.

Your support is very important and will determine if we are to move to the next step in this process.
To advance this we need to know the strength of community support.

We welcome any comments you may have:

Thank you,
Foothill Communities Association

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