Golden State Water (GSW) provides water to Lemon Heights, Cowan Heights, Rocking Horse Ridge (both North Tustin and City of Orange parts), and part of Rockhurst. They are the most expensive water provider we have in our community. I believe they are the high cost provider in every community they serve in California.

We have a plan to replace them with one of the other local water providers. A community meeting was held in Nov. 2013 to explain our plan.

The first step is to raise funds to hire experts to advise us. This includes experts in costing the local water system assets owned by GSW and lawyers to guide us through the legalities of the process. To accomplish this each household receiving water from GSW is asked to contribute $100. If enough households do this, we can begin to implement our plan.

You can contribute by check or using PayPal. The PayPal (Donate) button accepts either a credit card or a PayPal account.

Help with using a credit card with PayPal. The help page will open in new tab. You might want to print it to use with successive pages in the process.


Make check payable to FCA and indicate “Water Rates” in the memo field.
Mail the check to:
Water Rates c/o FCA, PO  Box 261, Tustin, CA 92781


Funds received will be segregated and used only for this effort. All funds remaining when the project is over or stopped will be returned to the contributors on a prorated basis.

Letter of Support from Rocking Horse Ridge HOA (will open in a new tab or window).