FCA 2017 Annual Meeting
Compiled by Scott Logue, Communications Director for the FCA

The Foothill Communities Association (FCA) held their 2017 Annual Meeting on the evening of Monday, March 6, at Hewes Middle School in the Tustin Unified School District. With such a large turnout, Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer, representatives from the FCA, the Orange County Fire Authority, Orange County Public Works, the East Orange County Water
District, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Orange County Parks Department had a full house to discuss their initiatives and address questions and concerns from the local North Tustin community.

Jane Rice from the FCA opened the presentation period of the meeting discussing the recent request for a zoning change related to the Sheldon Project in to Cowan Heights.

Orange County Public Works reviewed the application assessment process for land use requests or zoning changes with a detailed flowchart of how the process works and fielded questions along the way.

The Orange County Parks Department discussed recent changes to the proposed bike path through Peter’s Canyon. FCA advocated against the paved bike path and the plan is now to
relocate the bike path to the east side of Jamboree Blvd. as well as ongoing park planning regarding the purchased lot by the County at the corner of S. Crawford Canyon Road and Newport Blvd.

The Orange County Fire Authority discussed the recent elevated rainfalls and how the rapid growth of local flora that benefited from that rain will inevitably lead to a widespread fire hazard as the rains recede for summer and leave behind a carpet of combustible material as we enter fire season again later this year and asked residents to be extra diligent this year in particular about cutting back overgrowth and preparing their homes and lots against fire threats.

The Orange County Sheriff’s department discussed crime statistics and fielded questions regarding Santa Ana’s Sanctuary City status and its impact on the North Tustin 92705 area and how they will respond to changes made at the Federal administration level regarding the appropriate response to illegal immigrant activity.

Supervisor Todd Spitzer, the FCA meeting’s Keynote Speaker for the event, discussed the recent uptrend in crime throughout Orange County noting a 23% increase and cited some of the recent changes in state legislation as a key factor and how the reduced penalties for many offenses are allowing criminals to quickly return to the streets without significant delay, including the recent release under such circumstances of Michael Mejia and his alleged role in the shooting death of Officer Keith Boyer in March of this year.

Supervisor Spitzer also discussed Orange County joining a recent lawsuit brought by Newport Beach against the FAA related to their new air traffic control system, NextGen, which many believe is, and will, exacerbate noise throughout Orange County, particularly along the approach and departure paths to John Wayne Airport.

The FCA Annual Meeting closed with a roaming microphone Q&A session between North Tustin residents and representatives of all presenting organizations, followed by an open session for people to come and ask questions one-on-one that may not have been addressed during the presentations or the Q&A period.

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