The FCA Annual Meeting will be at Hewes Middle School, as usual, on Monday March 6 from 6:30 to 9:00pm. The Keynote Speaker will he Supervisor Todd Spitzer.

Thirty Minutes at the beginning and end of the meeting are set aside (mixer sessions) for attendees to discuss issues with FCA Committees and Orange County Agencies. This is your opportunity to ask for key information and make a case for changes in agency practices. Agencies attending include OC Fire Authority, OC Public Works, East Orange County Water District, OC Parks, and OC Sheriff’s Department. You can ask questions at the Mixer Sessions at the beginning and end of the meeting and during the Q&A segment of the meeting. County Agencies and FCA Committees will have tables where you can meet & interact.

Meeting Agenda

6:30 Mixer Session
7:00 Welcome Announcements Richard Nelson
7:15 Detrimental Zoning ChangeJane Rice
7:20 – 7:40Briefing by 3 County Agencies
Briefing by 3 County AgenciesSupervisor Todd Spitzer
8:00 Group Q & A
8:30 Close of Presentations
8:30 Mixer Session
9:00 Adjourn