Why You Need to Join the FCA?

Membership Mission Statement:

To promote and facilitate participation in Foothill Communities Association (FCA) through encouragement, communication and involvement of the local citizens in our region for the purpose of maintaining and improving the quality of our community.

FCA has been the only organization that has worked diligently for over 50+ years to preserve the unique quality of our Community. The result of our efforts is an area sought after by individuals seeking an environment with large spacious residential lots and no commercial intrusion. This wonderful ambiance has been made possible by the constant vigilance of FCA, which has been the moving force in maintaining our high property values.

FCA’s effectiveness can only continue through a large and active membership. NUMBERS COUNT. Our elected officials look at the number of members we represent and respond favorably when they see a large voting block being VERY active.

In order to continue our past successes, we need your support. Your modest annual membership contribution is the best investment you can make in the value of your home and in your Community. With your support and assistance, we can continue to make a huge difference.

FCA Membership Application — Click Here

Be sure to attend our Annual Meeting and hear what we have accomplished with people like you as a member.

If you need help from FCA orwant to leave a message, call 714-712-3404