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We have reached a settlement with Mr. Sheldon and are not asking for more donations. The OC Board of Supervisors approved the settlement on February 6, 2018. As long as everyone adheres to the agreement, we will drop our lawsuit to oppose the project.

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Thank you for supporting this project and helping your community.

Why Contribute?

We have reached a settlement with Mr. Sheldon. As long as everyone adheres to the terms of the settlement, we will drop our opposition.


Our efforts to stop the proposed development project along Newport, across from Rocking Horse Ridge, have now reached the point where funding is required that goes beyond initial signs and coffee money. We need your help. The OC Board of Supervisors has approved the change of zoning needed for this project (doubling the previously allowed housing density). Approval of the project itself will be considered in early February.

As a result of the zoning change approval, a clock has begun. A lawsuit to oppose the zone change and the project must be filed by January 11, 2018. If enough initial funds are contributed, a lawsuit will be filed.

If this project is approved at a much higher density than the surrounding neighborhood, it sets a precedent for initiation of higher density developments in other North Tustin neighborhoods. Two that are likely in play in the near future are the property of the Tustin Hills Racquet Club and a large property on Arroyo Street across from Arroyo Elementary School.

Let’s not let developers chop North Tustin into little pieces. The availability of large lots is a very desirable attribute of our community. If developers chop them up, that attribute is gone and cannot be retrieved. Please use the contribution form to the left and help keep North Tustin off of the chopping block.