Supervisor Spitzer Speaks Out On So. Cal. Metroplex

Supervisor Spitzer Speaks Out On So. Cal. Metroplex





Supervisor Todd Spitzer initiated the lawsuit by the OC Board of Supervisors to force the FAA to more adequately assess the environmental impacts of the So Cal Metroplex program that replaces ground-based radar with GPS for aircraft navigation. Our Supervisor correctly points out that the public was given inadequate time to comment on the plan. Residents of North Tustin were given very short notice of the public workshop by the FAA on the plan last fall. Residents, I talked to after the meeting, felt that there was no useful content in the workshop.

Supervisor Spitzer has provided the following material to residents. This includes a sample letter that can be sent to the FAA and maps of landing and taker-off paterns.

Sample Letter to the FAA

JWA Standard Departure Eastbound

FAA Flight Path Diversions (Eastbound)

FAA Standard Eastern Arrival Flight Path

FAA Eastern Arrival Flight Path

Press Coverage:

LA Times

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