Senior Living Facility Resolved

FCA organized a community meeting on July 19, 2017 to announce that a compromise has been reached regarding the Senior Living Facility on Newport Avenue. Negotiations between the Diocese of Orange, the County of Orange, and the Foothill Communities Association (FCA) have resulted in an agreement for a scaled-down facility. At a May 2017 Board meeting, the FCA Board voted to accept the latest compromise.

Major design changes are

    One story building, not two story,
    No underground parking (eliminating the removal of a very large amount of dirt),
    Increased setbacks for the neighbors,
    100 units not 153 units,
    Placement of HVAC equipment to minimize noise,
    Contribution by the Diocese of Orange of up to $850,000 to complete the park at the corner of Newport Ave and Crawford Canyon,
    No entrance on Ervin,
    Restrictions on deliveries,
    Two houses on Ervin are not part of the project and will be separately proposed and approved,
    Height restricted to 20 feet to roofline with chimneys and tower elements to up to 28 feet,
    Eight-foot evergreen landscaping and landscape buffers along Newport Ave.,
    The project name to be changed to Clearwater of North Tustin, and
    The Diocese will cover the post-litigation legal costs of FCA.

Because the scaled-down project is a new project, it will go through the County’s approval process, which may take 9 months or more. So, nothing will happen quickly at the project site.

Work on the park at Crawford Canyon will only begin after the Diocese has an approved project. The Diocese believes it can complete the park at much lower cost than the County. A cost analysis will be done by the Diocese. If the project can be completed for $850,000 or less, they will do the completion. If the analysis shows it will cost more than $850,000, the Diocese will provide $850,000 to the County toward the completion. This amount will not be sufficient for the County to complete the park but gets us much closer than the $0 we have today.

Kisco Senior Living has decided that the scaled-down project is too small for the company to participate. A new company, Clearwater Senior Living, has been formed and plans to build this Senior Living Facility and others.

FCA has opposed the original very large facility since early 2008. It has been reduced in scope several times, and we are confident that this compromise is compatible with the neighborhood.

At the community meeting on July 19, 2017, residents raised a number of concerns. Some were already resolved by the current plan. Concerns that were not resolved by the current preliminary design were recorded by County staff and will be addressed.

The Meeting Agenda
Rick Nelson       FCA President       Introduction
Todd Spitzer Our County Supervisor Negotiated Project Description
Sean Matsler Manatt Phelps & Phillips     Preliminary Details about Project
Colby Cataldi OC Public Works County Approval Process
Todd Spitzer Our County Supervisor Q&A

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