Panorama Heights & TUSD

Panorama Heights is proposing to transfer from the Orange Unified School District (OUSD) to the Tustin Unified School District (TUSD). They are the last large area of North Tustin that is still in OUSD. There are 2 upcoming meeting to discuss this.
1. The Orange County Committee on School District Organization meets on Wednesday, 8/16/2017. There is a discussion item concerning the proposed transfer. Here is the Agenda.
2. The Orange County Committee on School District Organization meeting in September will hear a presentation by the Panorama Heights Petitioners. Presumably a vote by the Committee will decide whether the transfer will take place. This website will be update as more information becomes available.

The petitioners made a presentation to this same committee previously. At that time not all of Panorama Heights was included in the proposed transfer. All of Panorama is to be included in the presentation in September 2017. Here is the previous transfer presentation.

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