FCA Meet & Greet Dec. 2016

FCA will hold a Meet & Greet for North Tustin Residents to discuss whatever you want on Friday, December 2, 2016, at Tustin Grille Restaurant (corner of El Camino Real & Main Street in Old Town Tustin), 6pm until the wine runs out. Wine, great appetizers, water, and tea are gratis. We hope to see you there.

Here are some pictures from our Meet & Greet in October 2016 at Peet’s Coffee (corner of Newport & Old Tustin).


Foreground – Louise Records (Membership Committee) and Barbara Dye (North Tustin Fire Safe Council)

Background – Rick Nelson (FCA President & webmaster) discussing FCA activities

Further background – Hall Marshall (FCA Treasurer) and Brian Cross (FCA Board Member) asking “Why are you taking my picture?


Scott Logue (pictured) and Rick Nelson hung a FCA banner in front of Bradley’s Fine Wines. Thank you Mike (owner, Bradley’s Fine Wines) for allowing a banner in a very visible place.


Foreground – Membership Chair Janis Foster signs up a new member.

Background – Barbara Ferriera (FCA Events Chair) & Barbara Dye (FCA North Tustin Fire Safe Council).

Further Background – Louise Records (Membership Committee) and Alan Zall (North Tustin Attorney).


FCA Board members present Left to right: Dr. Brian Cross, Hall Marshall (Treasurer), Janis Foster (Membership Chair), Rick Nelson (President & Webmaster), and Scott Logue (Communications Director).


People gathering shortly after opening of event.


Coffee, donuts, and veggies were available for attendees.


Shown are Barbara Ferreira’s giant gourd and the veggie plate. I do not know what the gourd is but it was huge. No one ate any of the veggies. Surprised?


Far right – Barbara Ferreira (FCA Events Chair) & Francine Scinto (TUSD Board Member & a Past FCA President)


Alan Zall & Louise Records

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