Board of Directors 2007

Director  Phone     Email   Responsibility
Richard (Rick) Nelson 730-7810 President & Webmaster
Bruce Junor 544-5958 Vice President
Irene Brace 544-6282 Secretary & Chair, Land Use Committee
Hal Marshall  544-7463 Treasurer & Chair, Airport Committee
Janis Foster 573-3829  Chair, Membership Committee
Les Nesbitt 730-9365 Chair, Roads Committee
Mark Bailey
William Bangert 731-9245 Membership Committee
Bret Braden 731-3324 Land Use Committee
Mike Fioravanti 544-7207 Special Projects
Janet Fisher 272-0063 Membership Committee
Tim Gancy 734-5059 Airport Committee
Duane Grobman 544-4585
Carol Mc Cauley 227-0012
Chad Ohanian 832-0931 Membership Committee
Dessa Schroeder 838-6017 Goverance
Steve Swytak 832-5092

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